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The Go Programming Language

Python is the data scientist’s go-to language, and likely will be for a long time to come. All the ML library developers are putting their time into developing libraries for Python. Go may get there in time, but for now, there is room for two languages in the programmer’s toolkit. Golang, or commonly known as Go, is a relatively new programming language that has grown in popularity in recent years due to its broad range of applications.

She has always been fascinated with technology and shares Uptech’s experience with the IT community. With steadily growing user bases, it is only a matter of time until you will need to switch to Golang or risk compromising your user experience. Due to Go’s concurrency and high performance, several apps and services are benefiting from it. I love writing code that is self-documenting, idiomatic and maintainable. We work within the Cloud Native ecosystem, which is largely built with Go.

Why are companies using Golang?

Python tends to dominate in data science; Go is perfect for system programming. Go is a new kid on the block compared to Python, and it was designed to be fast. Built In is the online community for startups and tech companies. Mostly the fact that it requires you to be more explicit — for loops, for example.

In Java, the package and domain names do not have to correlate. I liked using annotations in Java though because they made the code much more elegant, simple and minimalistic. Setting the environment variables in Heroku Complete Python Web Course: Build 8 Python Web Applications While the compile-time annotations can be partially substituted with code generation, unfortunately, the runtime annotations cannot be substituted at all.

Forward compatibility is one feature of Golang applications that keeps things simple. The concept ensures that new Go updates don’t cause any broken gears in your programming. With fast build times, lean syntax, an automatic formatter and doc generator, Go is built to support both DevOps and SRE. Python and Go both have a simple syntax and first-party support from all major cloud providers. Olga Galik is Business Development Manager at Uptech, that helps to create apps that people love.

why use go

Switching over to Golang may be decisive in shaping your software strategy and delivery for the near future. Usually, late-stage startups with growing users will face problems where the backend is struggling to cope with the volume of activities. Golang’s support for concurrency functions and small memory footprint means it’s a perfect fit for backend developments where servers need to deal with heavy requests. There are always trade-offs for every programming language, and Golang is no different. For the simplicity and speed of execution of the code built with Golang, it takes more effort to develop compared to a scripting language like Python.


That’s why Java developers often find reading Go code fairly easy and vice versa. Go does not use a semicolon (‘;’) symbol at the end of a statement though except in occasional cases where it is needed. To me, the line-delimited statements of Go feel clearer and more readable.

Appropriate support is not always offered and changes in libraries may be unexpected. The language is based on the philosophy that there should be a small number of solutions to one problem . It also reduces the risk of bugs, and their removal is faster and more effective.

Gopher Community of Practice

In Scheme, a Lisp dialect developed by Steele with Gerald Jay Sussman, tail call optimization is mandatory. Netflix, the world’s most famous media service provider and production firm, uses Golang for business growth. Big corporations use Go mostly to optimize server loading and data processing. Netflix’s web developers were looking for a faster programming language than Java and less time-consuming than C.

  • Once the deadline is exceeded, both the doAnother and doSomething functions finish running because they’re both watching for the ctx.Done channel to close.
  • They also started using Golang in 2012 for the production of social and mobile games, backend development and internal product analytics.
  • It can simulate some object-oriented patterns by providing interfaces and implementing the interfaces for structures.
  • The Golang programming language was built to fill in the gaps of C++ and Java that Google came across while working with its servers and distributed systems.

Hi, I’m Chad Wyszynski from the RDX Operability team, and I’d like to show you how my team uses Go to minimize request latency in our operational monitoring pipeline. Most of Riot’s logs and metrics flow through my team’s monitoring service. It’s a constant, high volume of traffic that spikes higher when something goes wrong, so the service must maintain high throughput and low latency. Our deployment tool operates on a custom YAML specification that describes what an app needs to run. There are several third party Go libraries which implement JSONSchema for us. Go also provides native support for Marshaling and Unmarshaling Go structs into JSON as well as third party support for YAML.


If you’re waiting for data input, for example, a goroutine can fire off to supply pre-populated text even as the user is typing. In other words, your program will keep running even if the concurrent processes take longer than expected. In a nutshell, it uses the Google-provided How to build an onboarding process for new software developers Go package with a service account. A handful of milliseconds improvement may seem like no big deal, but this code does almost nothing. A 50% improvement in response time at this level increases exponentially as the complexity of the code increases.

Sometimes we use or fork third party libraries depending on our need as well. In all cases, we’ve been able to find adequate support for our needs. Go is compiled to machine code, it will naturally outperform languages that are interpreted or have virtual runtimes. Go programs also compile extremely fast, and the resulting binary is very small. Get end-to-end web application development solutions for an unparalleled back-end and front-end experience.

  • By encapsulating state data, object-oriented programming reduced software complexity to interactions between objects.
  • WhileJava SEhas become payable, Go is truly a child of the programming community.
  • As a team, we did a lot of research to find the best language for our business needs.
  • Just like C, which Golang is based on, the lack of support for generic functions can severely limit code reusability and decrease efficiency during development.
  • The hello() function could be anything—a data call, a transaction, a queue entry—and it would run while the rest of the program churns along.

One of the most compelling findings from that early experience was that we could run the same workload in Go on fewer servers than the Python version and the response times were typically twice as fast. That, in and of itself, would have been enough, but add to the performance gains the fact that developers unfamiliar with Go can be onboarded to it in a matter of weeks, and we were sold. We like repeatable patterns, open source, clear standards and high performance. We like easy-to-read code because we like easy-to-maintain code. You’ll also notice that cancelCtx is called twice, once via a new defer statement and another time in the place it was before. The defer cancelCtx() isn’t necessarily required because the other call will always be run, but it can be useful to keep it in case there are any return statements in the future that cause it to be missed.

Using SAP Commissions RestAPI , you can make a call to get fast response and scale up to speed to integrate with SAP BTP using Cloud foundry with Kyma serverless function. Golang can help you create and maintain highly flexible databases by providing excellent support. One can conveniently work regular SQL and other database packages such as Oracle, MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, BigQuery, SQLite, Redis, and others. When you visit websites, they may store or retrieve data in your browser. This storage is often necessary for the basic functionality of the website.

This language makes it possible to carry out a large number of automation tests, which would otherwise cause huge loads. All because of Golang simplicity and its performance, as well as the possibility of static type checking. Golang was designed by Google engineers and is often used there for internal projects. The binary file in Go can be up to 10 times smaller than its Java equivalent. This advantage is particularly evident when deploying large applications . Golang, as a language created in the era of modern processors, easily supports parallel processes (of course, there are also other languages supporting multi-core processors e.g. C#).

When you’re constantly thinking about memory safety, you’re less productive and your code is bound to be more complex. Perhaps because Go is so simple, it is less descriptive than other languages. What can be accomplished with a few lines of Python, may take several lines in Golang applications. Developers may feel that their code is a bit disorganized as a result. Some other perks of Go include its high-performance networking and multi-processing.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that Go has a steeper learning curve than more dynamic languages such as Python and JavaScript. Both languages are good at scaling up to take advantage of many CPUs to process data in parallel. In Go, you can use a Goroutine to process each piece of data and use a WaitGroup to wait for them all to finish. In Rust, rayon is a very handy crate that makes it easy to iterate over a container in parallel. In many cases, even the least optimized Rust code was faster than the most optimized Go code.

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